MORRISON, Colo. (CBS4) – Tiny Town in Morrison is a place where little ones become giants. They enter a village of make believe perfect for kids.

On a recent field trip Iliff Scholl students learned about Alice in Wonderland.

“Oh, they’re loving it,” says teacher Gigi Hummell. “They’ll point things out to me and say ‘Oh, look at what I see’.”

The world famous Tiny Town first opened back in 1915. It was created as a father’s gift to his terminally ill daughter. The dying 10-year-old was fascinated with dollhouses.

It’s been a popular spot for Coloradans for generations.

“The first time I was over here I was probably 3 or 4,” says Dave Crosson. “My dad was actually a carpenter and he helped build some of the buildings at that time.”

Now Crosson brings his grandchildren to see many of the same tiny buildings that delighted him and his own kids over the past half century.

“It’s unique and it’s been through a lot of trials,” says Crosson. “It had a fire that almost burned it down.”

Additionally, four different floods destroyed many of the original buildings. The daily onslaught of energetic kids exacts a heavy toll on these miniature structures. Over the years, replacements were built and donated by many loyal customers.

Like so many of the visitors, Erin Matu has been coming here since she was a kid.

“We waited all winter long for Tiny Town to open,” laughs Matu. “The kids can run around. There’s nothing else like it.”