DENVER (CBS4) – The latest edition of “The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts a rough winter for Colorado. But how accurate are those predictions? That’s a Good Question.

The almanac has claimed an 80 percent accuracy rate. Meteorologist Bob Glancy is a bit skeptical. “We can give you a little big less specific forecast 6-10 days and 8-14 days. When you go up past that, it gets far more general,” said Glancy.

This winter the almanac calls for cold and wet and snowy weather in Colorado. An almanac spokesperson said their predictions come from solar sciences like sun spots. They also use weather data used by the pros at the weather service, like dopplar radar. And don’t forget a secret formula invented by their founder Robert B. Thomas more than 150 years ago.

While there have been a few hits, there also have been a few misses. The forecast for Denver was for an above normal temperature July and very dry. But this summer Colorado may not even hit the 100 degree mark. And July was above the normal average for precipitation.

— Written by Alan Gionet


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