Top Spots To Go Caroling In Denver

December 13, 2013 5:00 AM

Christmas Caroling (credit: Donald Bowers/Getty Images for Brooks Brothers)

Christmas CarolingChristmas Caroling (credit: Donald Bowers/Getty Images for Brooks Brothers)

The tradition of going door to door to sing Christmas carols is something that has sadly diminished over time. What once used to be a proud time-honored tradition of spreading Christmas joy to your neighbors has faded over time in a society where most of us don’t even know our neighbors’ names. Why not stop this now, make a change and bring back this wonderful holiday tradition? Grab your family, practice a few of the classics and start your own Christmas caroling tradition. There are a lot of ways you can keep the wonderful holiday spirit alive for everyone throughout the whole month of December. Here are just a few suggestions on where you can take your caroling group this year.

16th Street Mall
1001 16th Street Mall
Denver, CO 80265
(303) 534-6161

Sure, there will be plenty of professional caroling groups heading out on the mall this holiday season but you can still head there with your own group and start an impromptu caroling day. The 16th Street Mall is always bustling with activity and this holiday season is sure to be no different. Make sure to dress the part and deck yourselves out in your best holiday gear, bring along some thermoses of hot chocolate and get ready to spread some musical cheer to all of those stressed-out shoppers as they from wander store to store.

Pearl Street Mall
1942 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 449-3774

Speaking of malls, the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder is another perfect place for caroling. Street performers have been welcome on this mall for years, so you know you’ll blend right in with all of the other musical acts and performances of all kinds. Sure, you may need to drive a bit more, but after the year Boulder has had, it would be nice to show the residents of this city that the people in Denver care and want to share some holiday cheer. Again, if you really want to make a splash, bring your pitch pipe and dress the part. Extra points are rewarded if you can find some old fashioned Victorian costumes to really add to the whole caroling experience.

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Around Your Neighborhood 

The tradition of caroling started with spreading cheer around the community, so it is best to start in your own backyard. Grab your neighbors, tune up that pitch pipe and start at home, head door to door and carol the old fashioned way. Since it is your neighborhood, you’ll be visiting people that you already know (or already should know) and you can spread a little cheer right where you live. Make sure to go in groups, as there is always safety in numbers, and organize a little stop along the way for some hot cocoa to warm up between numbers. Even if you live in a small area with just a few houses, this is a great way to start a caroling tradition with your family.

Start A Meetup

There are already a few people on the website looking for caroling opportunities. Visit the website to start your own Meetup group for people looking to join in some holiday caroling. Then, not only will you be singing your heart out while spreading holiday cheer,  you’ll be meeting some new friends and helping to make many other holiday seasons feel just right. Once you grab your Meetup friends, consider bouncing from your neighborhood to theirs, going door to door in each,  you’ll double the amount of Christmas spirit that you are spreading.

Visit the Hospital

This one will require you to call ahead to make plans, but you can really spread a lot of joy to many people that truly need it. Call your local hospital and arrange a time to bring down your caroling group. If you want to make it even more special, bring along Santa, a few elves and some presents for the children. Or instead of a hospital, try your local nursing home. There are a lot of people at all of these facilities that could use a little music, a little joy and a lot of holiday spirit. Make sure to arrange a few rehearsals ahead of time, and bring your caroling group together to practice before the big day, that way you sound well rehearsed and fully prepared to spread a lot of Christmas cheer.

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