Top Spots To Buy Recreational Marijuana In Denver

May 10, 2014 11:00 PM

LoDo Wellness Center

LoDo Wellness Center LoDo Wellness Center (credit: CBS)

Just like any shopping experience, it all comes down to the product and the customer service to back it up. This is new territory, and for many Denverites shopping for recreational marijuana, what matters most is finding the ideal location with the best products and prices. It is important to have someone explain the differences and the benefits of the various types of strains and these spots have just that. Here is a compilation of some of the bets spots to buy recreational marijuana in Denver.

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LoDo Wellness Center
1617 Wazee St., Suite B
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 534-5020

The LoDo Wellness Center was founded in 2009 by women and is still woman owned and managed. This giant 6,000-square-foot space located in LoDo offers a wide selection of herb in a comfortable and laid-back environment. The product is displayed under glass, is well organized and easy to choose from. With great names such as a tasty and potent strain called Bruce Banner, word is getting around about this place. The staff keeps the energy around the store fun and festive while customers shop through a huge variety.

Good Chemistry
330 E Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80203
(720) 524-3657

Coming up on six months since marijuana became legal for recreational purposes, there are certain dispensaries, such as Good Chemistry, that are ahead of the price war game. This place has already advertised a price drop to beat out the competition. The shop’s mission statement of “Science, Access, Dignity, Compassion” is obvious with its kind and very informative staff that really does know chemistry. Good Chemistry has been active in the cannabis community for a while now and it is great at sharing tips and recommending all types of products like Lemon Skunk and Green Crunch. The shop’s website is easy to understand with the prices clearly marked.

DANK Colorado
3835 Elm St.
Denver, CO 80207
(303) 394-3265

According to occasional patron Nielle McCammon, “Bud Tenders” really love their jobs. This is apparent when a customer walks into DANK Colorado. Its “Bud Tenders” are caring, friendly and truly know their stuff. The philosophy of DANK is to “make available safe and friendly access to naturally grown supply of dank nuggs and flowers. Always keeping kind & cultivating the mind.” The friendly atmosphere, believe it or not, actually begins with the I.D.-checking security guards, and each client is treated with respect and care throughout the browsing and purchasing process. Customers to DANK have bragged about the selection of tasty edibles, effective oils and potent buds.

Starbuds Medical and Recreational Marijuana Dispensary
4690 Brighton Blvd.
Denver, CO 80216
(720) 387-8952

Starbuds Medical and Recreational Marijuana Dispensary is well known in the cannabis community as the place to go for a good selection of flowers, buds and some valuable advice. Since it is quite a popular place in town, it is advisable to avoid visiting during crowded closing times. Recreational marijuana users are savvy shoppers who are looking for quality products and good customer service. Starbuds delivers on both accounts with a knowledgeable and very patient staff that is there to create a fabulous experience. One of its shining attributes is the professionally laid-out website where products and prices are clearly and enticingly presented.

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