Tips On Going To Opera Colorado

March 1, 2011 2:15 PM

Greg Moody outside the Ellie Caulkins Opera House (credit: CBS)

opera colorado moody audio Tips On Going To Opera Colorado

Greg Moody outside the Ellie Caulkins Opera House (credit: CBS)

If you’ve never been, you’re missing out. CBS4’s Greg Moody shares tips for going to Opera Colorado in the comments below.

A lot of people are petrified of going to the Opera. It’s too fancy. It’s too snooty. It’s too damned “foreign.” Well, it does carry that image, but, truth be told –- I’ve always seen opera, especially my favorites, as soap operas with beautiful music attached.

Check out the plotlines of any opera that intrigues you. You know what you’re likely to find? Love, romance, sex, death, murder, mayhem –- and beautiful music.

Themes From The World Of Opera

Remember, a lot of music you grew up with and can’t get out of your mind –- ever -– is from the world of opera:

1) Most of the themes from Carmen. (Talk about sex and death! This is hot stuff) It also forms the basis for one of my favorite rock operas: The Naked Carmen.
2) The William Tell Overture –- also known as the theme from The Lone Ranger.
3) La Boheme –- forms the basis for the musical Rent.

The deeper you go into the world of opera, the more connections you’ll find with popular music styles, from Broadway to hip-hop. It’s amazing how that no matter how much styles change – in many ways, themes, styles and emotional backing remain the same.

Go To See Opera Colorado, Make It An Entire Evening Out

Once again – make a night of it. There are a number of great hotels and restaurants close by the Ellie Caulkins Opera house, from Kevin Taylor at the Opera House to the Limelighter and Oceanaire. And, if you feel you need some liquid encouragement to get you in the door of the opera house -– the Corner Office Bar is just across the street. They make a mean martini.

Oh, and if you’re afraid you won’t be able to understand what’s being sung on stage (Isn’t that Italian they’re singin?), then, fear not — each seat at the Ellie has a small screen on the back that translates the musical score into English. It’s sort of a follow the bouncing ball approach. I appreciate the translation, but honestly, I would rather simply lose myself in the music.

Opera Colorado Information
695 S Colorado Blvd # 20
Denver, CO 80246-8010
(303) 468-2030

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