Best Denver Toy Stores

December 8, 2010 10:00 AM


Denver has its bases covered with several well-established specialty stores offering a fabulous variety of toys and gifts that will delight children of all ages. The following stores are guaranteed to offer a rewarding shopping experience where dedicated and knowledgeable staff will help you discover the best in fun, games and learning!
timbuktoys Best Denver Toy Stores


Timbuk Toys

2780 S. Colorado Boulevard
Denver, CO 80222
(303) 756-2222

Serving Denver since 1993, Timbuk Toys stands out as a local best with several “Best Toy Store” awards in 2010. With three convenient locations including Colorado Boulevard, the stores are known for a offering a delightful, neighborhood shopping experience. Each item on the shelf is “cherry picked” from top toy lines exclusively with Denver’s children and families in mind.  With expert store layout and design, its easy to flow through a rich selection of goods reflecting  A-Z themes, (Art, Bears, Construction and Dolls) that will excite children and offer lasting play value.  Highly recommended when shopping for birthday parties, too! Great customer service and budget sensitive prices on thousands of items will help ensure that each gift is truly unique and special.

thewizardschest Best Denver Toy Stores


The Wizard’s Chest

230 Filmore Street
Denver, CO 80206
(303) 321-4304

Cross the footbridge into this medieval castle and you’ll step into an interactive kingdom where discovery, fantasy and magic reign! Under the watchful guard of Winchester the Wizard, board game enthusiasts, magicians, and kids of all ages seeking to engage skill, strategy, and imagination will discover a rich selection of games, puzzles, toys and gadgets. Suit yourself up a 2011 street performance of juggling and magic. Master your yo-yo skills.  Gear up for some outdoor fun with rockets, sling-shots, water ballon fights and more. Up the staircase you’ll find one of Colorado’s most extensive collections of costumes, hundreds of wigs and a full line of accessories for children and adults. Professional make-up artists are available to consult on the selection and application of a full line of professional (studio & broadcast quality) and non-professional make-up products to guarantee the finishing touch. Be sure to check the calendar for weekly game nights, juggling and yo-yo clubs, and tournaments!