World's First 'Water Positive Beer' Now Being Served In ColoradoCosta-Rican based Imperial Cerveza has created what they call a "water positive”" beer, meaning every one made lacks a water footprint.
City Council Approves Graywater Use For DenverDenver City Council passed an ordinance Monday that allows Denver to use graywater for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.
Denver Water's Artsy Campaign Highlights Scarce ResourceTo highlight the importance of freshwater, Denver Water started a creative campaign this year.
Denver Water Sees Large-Scale Reduction In ConsumptionRecent heavy rain have caused dangerous conditions along fast-flowing rivers and streams on Colorado's Front Range, but it's also giving the water supplies of most communities a boost.
Celebrating #WorldOceansDay From Landlocked ColoradoJust like every action has a reaction, all rivers run to the sea. Despite living far inland from the seven salty bodies of water, the decisions we make in Colorado will eventually make their way back to the ocean.
Lawmaker's Effort To Alter New Low-Flow Toilet Law Dies At CapitolEfforts to repeal part of a law that will allow only low-flow toilets to be sold in Colorado starting next year has failed.
State Representative Hopes To Alter New Low-Flow Toilets LawA state representative wants to repeal part of a new state law that prevents the sale of any plumbing fixture that's not water efficient starting next year.
Colorado River Water-Conservation Effort To BeginProviders of municipal water in Arizona, California, Nevada and Colorado are starting a conservation program for the Colorado River system.
Lawn Limits Considered, Then Rejected In ColoradoColorado lawmakers have backed off a bold plan to conserve water by limiting the size of lawns in future residential developments.
North Metro Cities Want Residents To Think About Water Conservation EarlyIt may only be the beginning of March but the north metro cities want residents to think about conserving now.
Frisco Urges Voluntary Water ConservationThe town of Frisco is asking residents to voluntarily conserve water.
Study Says More Cities Saving WaterA new study says cities in the southwest are doing a better job saving water.