Plans For Colorado Shelter For Immigrant Children ScrappedThe federal government is abandoning plans to open a temporary shelter for unaccompanied immigrant children in suburban Denver, saying it would take too much time and money to get the site ready.
Influx Of Teen Migrants Leads US To Open 3 More Shelters, 1 In ColoradoThe U.S. government plans to open three new shelters in three states to house unaccompanied migrant children as officials brace for another influx of young Central American immigrants crossing the border.
Low-Cost Health Insurer In Colorado Faces Uncertain FutureColorado's biggest nonprofit health insurer faces an uncertain future, and its 80,000 or so customers don't know whether their insurer will be able to offer new polices when next year's enrollment period begins soon.
Denver Water To Continue Adding Fluroide To Drinking SystemDenver Water will continue adding fluoride to the drinking water of some 1.3 million Coloradans.
Denver Water To Continue Adding Fluoride To Drinking SystemDenver Water will decide whether to change its policy of adding fluoride to its delivery system after the federal government announced new standards in April.
Fluoride Debate Hits Colorado's Largest Water UtilityColorado's largest supplier of public drinking water is in the midst of a debate over how much fluoride - if any - to put into its delivery system after the federal government announced new standards in April.
Health & Human Services Secretary In Denver To Talk HeroinPrescription drug abuse in Colorado has dropped by 18 percent, but heroin use has become an epidemic. On Friday federal and state officials talked about how to fight the deadly trend.
Hickenlooper, HHS Chief Discuss Prescription Drug AbuseA federal health official is visiting Colorado to highlight the problem of prescription drug abuse and to praise the state for addressing the issue.
Polis, Hancock Would Welcome Child Refugees To DenverRep. Jared Polis, D-Boulder, praised the "poise and grace" of the children entering the United States across the Mexico border, just as Denver is considering seeking federal grants to care for them.
3,736 In Colorado Picked Exchange Plans In OctoberNew data from the federal government show that more than 3,700 people have gotten private insurance through Colorado's health insurance exchange.
Colorado Getting More Childhood Education FundingColorado is getting an additional $15 million in supplemental funding for early childhood education from the federal government.