The Children’s Hospital

The swimming pool in Arvada (credit: CBS)

Toddler Nearly Drowns In Arvada Neighborhood Swimming Pool

There were some scary moments at an Arvada swimming pool on Monday after a toddler nearly drowned.


The children painting at The Children's Hospital (credit: CBS)

Patients At Children’s Hospital Get Exhibit At Denver Art Museum

Patients at The Children’s Hospital had the chance to get in touch with their creative side on Wednesday.


(credit: CBS)

Treating Teens With Type 2 Diabetes Gets Tricky

The fight against Type 2 diabetes just got more urgent. That’s because a new study found the standard treatment doesn’t work for many teenagers.


Kasey and Katie Fox (credit: CBS)

Medication Shortage Affecting Children With Cancer In Colorado

Doctors across the country are sounding off about a shortage of medications for children with cancer. Some hospitals say they might start running out of the drugs and the medication shortage is affecting sick children in Colorado.


Boulder Firefighter Tyler Capron (credit: CBS)

Firefighter Calendar Starts Fresh With Relaunch

A benefit calendar that was the subject of an attorney general investigation is getting a new start as Colorado Firefighter Calendar, Inc.


(credit: CBS)

New Organization Re-Launching Firefighter’s Calendar

A new organization has taken over a firefighters’ calendar and promises the money will go to help young burn victims.


(credit: CBS)

Calendars Featuring Colorado Firefighters Will Return

Charity calendars featuring Colorado firefighters will return next year, but this time under a new nonprofit organization.


Nurse Gloria Bencze (credit: CBS)

Unsung Heroes At Children’s Hospital Give Infants The Give Of Life

Unsung heroes in the community work 24/7, 365 days a year, each day showing their care, commitment and devotion to little bundles of joy who are fighting for their lives.


Gabby Krause (credit: Tammy Krause)

6-Year-Old’s Spirit Lives On For Young Patients At Children’s Hospital

Shortly after moving to Colorado CBS4’s Karen Leigh met Tammy Krause, a woman who is just like a next door neighbor — a mom, a sister, and daughter. Through her loss, something bigger was born.


Eddie Royal shows a hat to Jake (credit: CBS)

Eddie Royal Surprises Young Patient At Children’s Hospital

A young patient at The Children’s Hospital named Jake suffers from neurofibromatosis and has had a real tough time. But like most 14-year-olds, he loves football and the Denver Broncos.