Woman Creates Texting And Driving Coalition After Serious AccidentPushing against the pedals on her exercise machine signals a victory with every rotation for Robye Nothnagel.
The 'Textalyzer': A New High Tech Way To Catch Texting DriversPolice in New York state may soon have a high-tech way of catching texting drivers: a device known as a "textalyzer" that allows an officer to quickly check if a phone has been in use before a crash.
Tougher Penalties For Drivers Who Text Behind The WheelA new law cracks down on people texting while driving. Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill into law that increases the penalties for drivers.
Bill Could Increase Penalty For Texting & DrivingState lawmakers say the dangerous problem of texting and driving is getting worse despite the fact that it's illegal in Colorado. Now legislators want to increase the penalties for the crime.
CDOT Campaign Aims To Curb Cellphone Use While DrivingAs summer vacations kick off the Colorado Department of Transportation is warning everyone to put down cellphones while driving.
State Patrol Has Extra Troopers Out Looking For Distracted DriversExtra troopers are out on the roads in a weekend campaign to catch drivers who are not paying attention.
Tragedy Inspires Potential Solution To Distracted DrivingIt's an unfortunate trend that claims thousands of lives each year, but some companies are trying to fix that.
Minivan's Crash Into Wall Serves As A Reminder About Texting & DrivingNew pictures released by the Colorado State Patrol show the dangers of distracted driving.
Denver Police: 'Take The Phone Out Of Your Ear, Quit Texting'Denver police on Monday took time to remind the public about pedestrian and driver safety.
Teens Take Texting While Driving SimulationTeens took a test at school today, but this wasn't one for their report cards, this test showed them the dangers of texting and driving.
CDOT Wants Drivers To 'Drop The Distraction' For Distracted Driving Awareness MonthThe Colorado Department of Transportation has teamed up with the Colorado State Patrol to step up an effort to end distracted driving.
Red Thumb Reminder Campaign Aimed At Saving Lives On The RoadThe Colorado State Patrol and the Colorado Department of Transportation hoping red nail polish on drivers' right thumbnails will remind them to put their phones down while on the road.