Man Arrested After Fight Over Testosterone, MoneyPolice in Loveland arrested a man in connection with a shooting that investigators say was the result of a fight over testosterone and money.
Low-T Patients Poised To Sue Drug MakersA Fort Collins man is planning to sue the makers of a popular testosterone boosting drug after he suffered a heart attack.
Will Fixing 'Low T' Also Break Your Heart?Guys, you can't help escaping the message that you may be suffering from "low T", or low testosterone. And a trip to the doctor may be smart move to see if you can boost your energy, strength, and sex drive. But now the FDA is taking a closer look at testosterone products to make sure they are safe. And as CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida reports, there is also a question of these products being marketed as a quick fix for everything that ails the American male.