Most Wrongful-Death Lawsuits Settled In Listeria OutbreakA Denver judge wrapped up most of the wrongful-death lawsuits stemming from a 2011 listeria outbreak that killed more than 30 people and sickened more than 140 others.
The 2011 Great Grill ChallengeHarmony Valley is proud to announce The 2011 Great Grill Challenge. Their annual contest to find the greatest Harmony Valley veggie burger recipe! Simply submit your recipe and a picture of your delicious veggie burger creation to the Harmony Valley contest page. This year's grand prize is an incredible energy efficient grill. The Big Green Egg is a ceramic grill that retains efficient heat, with a small amount of charcoal or wood. It is the perfect match for this year's grilling season. Harmony Valley is available at Whole Foods Markets, Sunflower Markets, Fresh Markets, Fairway and Garden of Eden across the country. <strong>Link: <a href="" target="_blank"> </a></strong>
Sunflower Markets' CEO Arrested In Child Prostitution StingThe founder of Sunflower Markets Is facing charges of child prostitution.