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Student Testing

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Student Testing Showdown Dominates End Of Lawmaking Term

An intense debate over student testing requirements had Colorado lawmakers scrambling Tuesday to resolve long-simmering disputes over how best to reduce standardized tests.

17 hours ago

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Lawmakers Nearing Agreement To Reduce Student Tests

Colorado lawmakers are close to agreement on one of the most vexing problems of the term — how to reduce standardized tests for students in public schools.

21 hours ago

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Officials: High Participation Across Colorado For New Tests

On the eve of the first round of Common Core testing, the Colorado State Board of Education declared its support for parents’ right to choose to keep their children from being assessed.


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Colorado Student Testing Debate Down To 2 Bills

The final days of the 2015 legislative session in Colorado are seeing a major battle over how to reduce standardized testing requirements in public schools.


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Colorado Education Committee Approves Test Bills

The Colorado Senate’s Education Committee has approved a proposal to reduce testing, allow district to devise their own assessments and offer flexibility on using scores to grade teachers.


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1st Limit To Colorado Student Tests Clears Senate

The Colorado Senate has voted to remove teacher penalties when students skip statewide standardized tests.


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Colorado Lawmakers Start Work On Student Testing Changes

Colorado lawmakers started work Monday on one of the thorniest problems of the annual lawmaking session – changes to the slate of standardized tests required in public schools.


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Gov. Hickenlooper Talks About School Testing

Gov. John Hickenlooper says he supports a reduction in student testing. But he says most of the mandatory tests should stay.


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DPS Shows Increase In Student Test Scores

The latest round of test results shows solid gains for students in Denver Public Schools.