State Capitol

Colorado Legislature (credit: CBS)

Colorado Lawmakers Wrap Up Weighty Term

Colorado lawmakers were closing a contentious and weighty term Wednesday with big decisions settled on gun control to immigration to marijuana. But the 120-day session didn’t end without a dose of partisan sniping and a few big ideas left on the table.


Thousands of pairs of shoes lined the steps of the State Capitol on Thursday as part of an anti-gun violence protest (credit: CBS)

Victims Of Gun Violence Remembered At State Capitol

Thousands of pairs of shoes lined the steps of the State Capitol in Denver on Thursday. Each pair of shoes represents a victim of gun violence in America.


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Colorado House To Debate $20.5 Billion Budget

The Colorado House will debate a $20.5 billion budget that includes increases for schools, colleges, and pay for state employees.


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Colorado Senate Passes $20.5B Budget, Heads To House

Next year’s budget for Colorado has passed the state Senate with funding increases for public schools, higher education, and money for construction projects at colleges and state buildings.


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Colorado Senate Begins Budget Debate

The improving economy is giving Colorado lawmakers the power to restore budget cuts from recent years. But don’t expect both parties to widely agree on next year’s spending plan as the Senate debates the budget.


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Teen Tanning Limits Closer To Adoption In Colorado

Tanning bed limits for minors are closer to approval in Colorado.


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Colorado Senate To Debate Next Year’s Budget

Colorado lawmakers will debate next year’s spending plan as the improving economy and increasing tax receipts give them more money to spend on education and raises for state employees.


Gov. John Hickenlooper gives Colorado  House Speaker Mark Ferrandino a high five after signing the civil unions bill into law in March. (credit: CBS)

Civil Unions Signed Into Law In Colorado

Civil unions for gay couples got the governor’s signature in Colorado on Thursday, punctuating a dramatic turnaround in a state where voters banned same-sex marriage in 2006 and restricted protections for gays two decades ago.


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Colorado School Funding Overhaul Up For Vote

A monster overhaul of Colorado’s school-funding process faces its first test in the Colorado Legislature.


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School Breakfast Expansion Advances In Colorado

More schools would serve breakfast after the school bell under a bill that has won initial approval in the state House.