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Douglas County Will Ask Supreme Court To Review Voucher Case

A suburban Denver school district plans to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to try to save its private school voucher program.

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Colorado’s High Court Blocks School Voucher Program

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that a school voucher program in suburban Denver violates the state constitution because it provides funding for students to attend religious schools.


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Colorado GOP Looks To Make Big Education Changes

Colorado Republicans are using their new power in the state Legislature to float a raft of conservative proposals to change public education – but many of the proposals stand little chance of becoming law.


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Colorado’s High Court Hears School Voucher Case

The question of the separation of church and state came before Colorado’s Supreme Court with arguments about a school voucher program .


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Colorado Court To Hear School Voucher Appeal

The Colorado Supreme Court has agreed to review a Court of Appeals ruling that allowed one of Colorado’s first school voucher programs.


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Court Overturns Block Of Douglas County School Voucher Program

There was a victory Thursday for a controversial school voucher program after an appeals court overturned a ruling that blocked the program in Douglas County.


Douglas County School District officials in August 2011. (credit: CBS)

Court Overturns Block Of Douglas County School Voucher Program

The Colorado Court of Appeals has overturned a lower court ruling blocking one of Colorado’s first school voucher programs, saying Douglas County’s Choice Scholarship Program does not violate the state Constitution.


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Appellate Court To Hear School Voucher Case

The Colorado Court of Appeals was scheduled to hear an appeal to reinstate Douglas County’s controversial voucher program on Monday afternoon.


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Colorado Loses Latest Round In School Funding Lawsuit

A Denver judge has ruled in favor of school districts and parents who sued Colorado contending that the state’s education funding methods are unconstitutional.


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School Funding Trial Wraps Up In Denver

An attorney defending Colorado in a lawsuit over how it funds schools said Friday that plaintiffs want “an educational utopia, limited only by imagination,” but insisted that it’s a vision the state is not mandated to provide.



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