Dougherty Gang Returns To Georgia, All Plead Not GuiltyThe three siblings accused of committing a cross-country crime spree that started in Florida and ended with a shootout in Colorado were hauled in to court Tuesday in Georgia to face charges of robbing a bank for cash that helped fuel their escape.
1 Of 3 Dougherty Siblings Pleads Not GuiltyOne of three fugitive siblings accused in a series of crimes across multiple states has pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from their eventual capture in Colorado.
Separate Hearings Scheduled For Doughtery SiblingsThe Dougherty siblings are due in court for separate court hearings where they're might enter pleas to Colorado charges.
Dougherty Gang Planned Life In Mexico After Crime SpreeA sister and two brothers had planned to head to Mexico with money stolen in a Georgia bank robbery, then obtain fraudulent documents and elude authorities.
Dougherty Gang Bonded Over For TrialThree siblings accused in a cross-country crime spree that began in Florida and ended with a police chase in southern Colorado could soon learn whether they'll stand trial.
No Pueblo Charges For Fugitive SiblingsPueblo County District Attorney Bill Thiebaut says he will not file charges against a trio accused of robbing a bank in Georgia and shooting at police officers in Florida and Colorado.
Siblings Accused In Crime Spree ChargedState prosecutors in Colorado have filed charges against each of the three siblings accused in a cross-country crime spree that began in Florida.
Bonds Set At $1.25M Each For Dougherty SiblingsA woman caught with her two brothers after a nationwide manhunt told Colorado authorities she "deserved to get shot," according to an arrest affidavit.
Mother Devastated After Fugitive Children's CaptureThe Florida mother of two brothers and a sister captured in Colorado after an intense nationwide search said she is devastated after the weeklong manhunt and arrest of her children.
Dougherty Siblings Captured In ColoradoThe FBI has confirmed three suspects believed to be the Dougherty siblings have been captured near Walsenburg.