Pueblo Chemical Depot

Pueblo Chemical Depot (credit: earthobservatory.nasa.gov)

Largest U.S. Cache Of Chemical Weapons About To Be Destroyed Near Pueblo

The U.S. Army plans to begin destroying the nation’s largest remaining stockpile of chemical weapons Wednesday.


Pueblo Chemical Depot (credit: earthobservatory.nasa.gov)

US To Destroy Its Largest Remaining Chemical Weapons Cache In Pueblo

The United States is about to begin destroying its largest remaining stockpile of chemical-laden artillery shells, marking a milestone in the global campaign to eradicate a debilitating weapon that still creeps into modern wars.


Pueblo Chemical Depot (credit: earthobservatory.nasa.gov)

Fewer Chemical Arms Face Destruction By Explosives In Colorado

The Army has again reduced the estimated number of defective chemical weapons stored in Colorado that have to be destroyed with explosives.


Pueblo Chemical Depot (credit: earthobservatory.nasa.gov)

Mustard Agent Vapor Detected At Pueblo Chemical Depot

A mustard agent has been detected in the Pueblo military facility charged with housing chemical weapons.


Fort Carson Army Post (credit: CBS)

Civilian Military Workers Back On The Job In Colorado

Over 3,000 civilian military workers are back on the job in Colorado.


Pueblo Chemical Depot (credit: earthobservatory.nasa.gov)

Colorado Loses Bid To Force Destruction Of Weapons

A federal appeals court says Colorado doesn’t have the authority to set a deadline for destroying chemical weapons stored at an Army facility outside Pueblo.


Pueblo Chemical Depot (credit: earthobservatory.nasa.gov)

Army Steps Closer To Destroying Colorado Chemical Weapons

The Army says using explosives to destroy leaking chemical weapons at a Colorado storage site would cause no significant environmental impacts.


Fort Carson (credit: John Moore/Getty Images)

Defense Bill Includes At Least $400M For Colorado

A defense bill signed by President Barack Obama over the weekend includes more than $400 million for Colorado construction projects.


Pueblo Chemical Depot (credit: earthobservatory.nasa.gov)

Pueblo Chemical Depot Says Safety Still A Concern

Federal officials say safety is still a concern at the Pueblo Chemical Depot because of leaking weapons.


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