SWAT Moves In On Trump Protesters, Some ArrestedLaw enforcement worked to control protesters in downtown Denver outside a conference featuring Donald Trump on Friday. Three people were arrested after clashes between protesters and supporters.
Protesters Gather For 'Fight For $15' On Tax Day EveHundreds of people marched in protest across Denver on Thursday afternoon, traditionally tax day eve, beginning at the McDonald's fast food restaurant near Evans Avenue and Colorado Boulevard.
Denver High School Protesters Accused of ‘Reprehensible’ ActionsProtesters who marched through Denver Wednesday to demonstrate against events in Ferguson, Mo. Are now being accused of cheering and clapping when a Denver Police officer was run down and seriously injured by a motorist.
Demonstrators Protest Walmart's Labor Practices All across the county demonstrators were protesting outside Walmart stores on Black Friday.
DREAM Act Protesters Close Obama Campaign OfficeA Colorado campaign office for President Barack Obama is closed to the public after two activists went on a hunger strike inside.
Smaller & Quieter Crowd Remains In Occupy Denver Protest AreaA much smaller and quieter crowd were all that remained of the Occupy Denver protesters in downtown Denver Friday night. They spent much of their evening plotting their next move.
Police Tear Down Tents, Occupy Denver Protesters ArrestedPolice in riot gear cleared out Occupy Denver protesters from the park across from the state Capitol at about 6:30 a.m. Some protesters who refused to leave were taken away in what appeared to be handcuffs. More than 20 people were arrested.