Proposition 103 Headlines Colorado's Off-Year ElectionsColorado voters are deciding a crucial test for schools Tuesday in the nation's only statewide tax question on ballots this fall.
Reality Check: Proposition 103Opponents of Proposition 103 say it will cost jobs in Colorado. Supporters say kids in our state are already paying a price. CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd gives the latest Prop 103 ad a Reality Check.
Hickenlooper & Hancock: A Study In Endorsement ContrastsMany assume that it is simply a matter of time before John Hickenlooper gets back into the endorsement game. But it appears that he will bide his time until he feels he can get behind a clear winner.
$3B Tax Hike For Schools On Ballot For Colorado VotersThe nation's only ballot measure this fall that proposes a state tax increase pits some defenders of Colorado's underfunded schools against those who warn it will cost jobs.
Proposition 103 Seeks Tax Increase For Colorado EducationStarting Wednesday ballots go out in an election that includes a statewide tax hike. Voters will decide whether to increase sales and income taxes to fund education.
Hickenlooper Gives Hints About Feelings On Proposition 103While political adversaries of Gov. John Hickenlooper are calling him out for not taking an official position on Proposition 103, the governor made it clear this week where his sympathies lie.
The Silence Is DeafeningThe collective silence of the governor and mayor on Proposition 103 is becoming a major hurdle to the issue’s success, blogger Dominic Dezzutti reports.