Potty Peeper

Luke Christo (credit: Eagle Co. Sheriff)

Potty Peeper Sentenced To 3 Years Behind Bars

The man who initially pleaded not guilty to peeping on women while hiding in portable toilets has been sentenced after reaching a plea deal.


Luke Christo (credit: Eagle Co. Sheriff)

Plea Deal For Suspected Potty Peeper In Boulder

A man accused of emerging from a Colorado portable toilet covered in feces has pleaded guilty to two burglary counts and attempted unlawful sexual contact.


Luke Christo (credit: Eagle Co. Sheriff)

Judge Allows Porta-Potty Peeping Suspect To Change Plea

A judge in Boulder is allowing a man suspected of peeping at women from inside the tank of a porta-potty to change his plea.


Luke Christo (credit: Eagle Co. Sheriff)

Man Accused Of Peeping In Portable Toilets Tells Judge He’s Insane

A man accused of peeping from inside portable toilets has asked a judge to change his plea to not guilty by reason of insanity.


Luke Christo (credit: Eagle Co. Sheriff)

Suspected Boulder Potty Peeper Appears In Court

A man suspected of spying on women in bathrooms around Boulder is scheduled to be in court again Oct. 27.



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