Elector Gets The Boot After Defying Colorado Law, Could Face ChargesThere was plenty of drama at the Colorado state Capitol on Monday during the Electoral College vote.
Protesters Gather In Last-Ditch Effort To Prevent Trump From Taking OfficeProtesters stood in the cold outside the state Capitol Sunday night in a last ditch effort to convince electors to take steps to prevent Donald Trump from taking the Presidency.
Judge Says Colorado Electors Can't Switch VotesColorado's nine electors must vote for Hillary Clinton because she won the state's popular vote, a judge ruled Tuesday, effectively stopping the state's electors from joining a longshot effort to unite with Republicans behind a compromise presidential candidate other than Donald Trump.
2 Colorado Electors Sue In Last-Ditch Effort To Prevent Trump PresidencyTwo presidential electors in Colorado are suing the state and federal court as part of a last-ditch effort to try to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.
2 Colorado Electors Try To Overturn Voting RequirementTwo Colorado electors filed a lawsuit Tuesday to overturn a state law requiring electors to cast their ballots for the presidential candidate who won their state.
Colorado Democrats Elect Strategist As Party LeaderColorado Democrats picked party strategist and former Washington legislative aide Rick Palacio to be their new leader on Saturday.