Hillary Clinton Stumping In Denver Shows How Important Colorado Could Be In 2016Hillary Clinton will be campaigning in Denver Tuesday evening, giving an indication of Colorado's importance in 2016.
Democrats Show Signs They Are Taking November SeriouslyTwo stories this week show that Colorado Democrats are not taking the 2014 election for granted and are willing to bring out the heavy artillery.
Campaign Against GOP Lawmakers Doesn't Include Civil UnionsA new campaign against Republican lawmakers in Colorado was inspired by a civil unions bill but the proposal isn't mentioned in the $100,000 campaign.
Colorado is Nation’s Political Ad HotspotIf it feels like you are seeing a lot of political ads right now, there's a very good reason. Three of the top four markets for political ads this week are in Colorado. But can it last?
Good Question Revisited: Why Do Negative Ads Work?New, negative political ads have been coming out daily in hopes they affect or sway voters. Even if they drive you nuts, they seem to have an effect.