Lawmakers Work To Ban Cough Syrup Sales To 18 And UnderLawmakers are coming together for kids to try to keep a potentially abusive medication out of their hands.
Some Lawmakers Push For Youth Corrections MakeoverThe State of Colorado is overhauling the youth correction system after reports of an increase in violence in the facilities.
Lawmakers Reach Compromise On Sexting BillState lawmakers have reached a compromise on a bill that makes consensual sexting by teenagers a civil infraction. Currently underage sexting is a felony.
Uncomfortable Dilemma: Colorado's Teen Sexting LawsTeen sexting is giving Colorado lawmakers an uncomfortable dilemma - when is a naughty photo between teens a modern form of flirting, and when is it child pornography?
Lawmakers Considering Changes To Sexting LawsFor the second year, Colorado lawmakers are considering changing the penalties for sexting, specifically teenagers who send naked pictures to each other.
Proposed Bill Would Allow Startups To Sell Stock To InvestorsA proposal at the state Capitol would allow startups to use crowdfunding to sell stock to average Coloradans.
Colorado Lawmakers Consider Restorative JusticeSharletta Evans says meeting her son's killers would help her heal. A bill Colorado lawmakers are debating aims to help facilitate that, but it's facing a tough test from the first legislators to decide whether it fails or moves on.