City Fires Parking Agent Who Lacked AuthorizationDenver parking managers have fired one of two "vehicle control agents" who they put on the streets to write parking tickets, even though he was never given the special police authorization required to write citations.
City Flip Flops On Parking TicketsThe city of Denver has offered dramatically different opinions on the validity of parking tickets issued by unauthorized vehicle control agents, according to documents obtained by CBS4.
City Council: Unauthorized Tickets May Be '$1M Mistake'Denver City Council members began pressing for answers Wednesday about nearly 31,000 parking tickets handed out in the last two years by unauthorized parking agents. The debacle was revealed Monday night in a CBS4 Investigation.
CBS4 Investigation Reveals $1M In Questionable Parking TicketsThe Denver Public Works Department and Denver City Attorney's Office are scrutinizing as many as 40,000 to 50,000 parking tickets, worth more than $1 million, that may have to be recalled after a CBS4 Investigation.