Recall Petition Continues For Castle Rock MayorThe recall petition for the mayor of Castle Rock will continue after eight protests against the recall were denied. The Castle Rock Town Council must set a recall election according to the town's charter.
Castle Rock Votes To Repeal Concealed Carry BanAfter a passionate debate over gun rights in Castle Rock on Tuesday night, the town council has approved more permissive concealed carry laws.
Emotional Debate Over Open Carry Proposal In Castle RockIt was an emotional and often times heated debate at the town hall meeting in Castle Rock over the open carry proposal.
Big Crowd Expected At Castle Rock's 'Open Carry' DiscussionCrowds of people are expected to show up at a town hall meeting Tuesday evening in Castle Rock to talk about changes to the towns open carry ordinance.
Castle Rock Mayor: 'We Can All Open Carry' A gun debate in Castle Rock puts the mayor against some residents over openly carrying a gun around in town buildings and parks.