Gunnison Co. Deputy Suspended After Off-Duty Job At Koch RanchA Gunnison County Sheriff's deputy will be suspended and has to teach an ethics class for not asking the sheriff if he could take an off duty job at a billionaire's ranch.
Lawsuit Accuses Billionaire Of Kidnapping ManA billionaire is accused in a lawsuit of kidnapping and holding a man against his will. A Gunnison County Sheriff's deputy is also said to be involved.
'Tiananmen Sid' Brings Parade To A Halt With One-Man ProtestA relatively uneventful Cherry Days Parade on the Fourth of July was interrupted by a man protesting the involvement of resident billionaire Bill Koch. The protester, Sid Lewis - now referred to by many as "Tiananmen Sid" - ran out into the path of an oncoming tank, which was reportedly owned by Koch.