A Month Of Faces Of CancerOver the past month, Alan Gionet has been talking with people dealing with cancer as he tries to raise money and awareness about No Shave November.
Fighting Lung Cancer For Herself And Everyone“All you need to get lung cancer, are lungs,” said Anne Phillips. “I had exactly one symptom to get lung cancer, I had lungs.”
Cancer Can’t Keep Blues Player From Shows“Thank you for your shout out this morning, it lifted my soul,” David Booker wrote in an email.
‘Excited To Get Back’: Coach With Brain CancerTyler Swanson is a tough opponent to cancer. A defensive lineman in college, he is no pushover. But a tumor the size of a golf ball in the middle of his brain hid and grew until he started to feel its strange effects.
Clean And Sober: Then CancerAt 23, he has been through a great deal. First there was drugs and lawbreaking. He was going the wrong way in life.
Dog Helps Man Find Cancer“One time he jumped on me from the right and I didn’t feel any pain… and I thought it should have hurt.” Not numbness, “I didn’t feel anything.”
In Treatment For The Rest Of His LifeStephen Estrada will tell you a story of how bad it got, “I was pretty sure I was going to die.”
8-Year-Old Battles Cancer, Never ComplainsThere’s a picture from that day it all started. Taylor Burgess was with her sister Isabella.
Looking At Cancer Operation With ConfidenceIn a few weeks, Tracy Alarid will face an operation that will alter her body a little. It will not alter her spirit. It won’t make her a different person.
Little Boy’s 2nd Mysterious CancerMac Rogers looks pretty sharp in a bowtie. Four years old and his mom Brittny believes he has been through so much.
Young Football Player Tackles CancerAge 13 is an especially rough time to get cancer. You are young and active and you are trying to play sports. Victor loves football.
3 Years Of Chemo Ahead For 2-Year-OldPorter is a beautiful little boy with a terrifying disease. Too young to understand, he enriches his family with his life.