National Jewish Hospital

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Daylight Dilemma: Time Change Has Serious Side Effects

A petition drive is now underway to keep Colorado on Mountain Saving Time year round.


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DeGette’s Bill Would Help Vets Exposed To Airborne Hazards

Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette is pushing legislation to help veterans dealing with exposure to toxic chemicals while serving overseas.


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King Soopers Strikes Back In ‘Popcorn Lung’ Lawsuit

Lawyers for King Soopers told a jury on Wednesday a man who claims his health was harmed by microwave popcorn did not disclose that he had been exposed to dangerous chemicals for years.


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Family Of West Nile Victim Wants More Mosquito Spraying

The family of one of the victims who died after contracting West Nile Virus wants more spraying to keep the mosquito population under control.


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‘Popcorn Lung’ Lawsuit Finally Gets Under Way 4 Years Later

A man from Centennial made a very unusual claim that eating microwave popcorn gave him lung disease.


Sarah Hatfield on Dr. Phil (credit: CBS)

Dr. Phil Puts Thornton Mother Accused Of Leaving Children To The Test

This past January a young mother from Thornton left her two children in the car and disappeared for 13 hours. Sarah Hatfield was found disoriented 13 miles away. he claimed amnesia.


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Experts Disagree On Plants’ Role In Air Purification

Recent studies have shown that common indoor plants can help purify the air indoors by absorbing household toxins.