Mount Evans

The tornado near Mount Evans (credit: Facebook)

Rare Mountain Tornado Touches Down Near Mount Evans

Saturday afternoon at 2:51 pm. Thunderstorms strengthening over the mountains west of Denver were strong enough to produce a weak, short-lived twister.


(credit: CBS)

Mount Evans Highway Opens For Season

Mount Evans Highway is open to traffic for the season and will stay open until Labor Day weekend.


(credit: Jason Hussong)

Best Ways To See Denver For Families In 3 Days

Pack up the family and prepare for three days on the town in and around Denver.


Cycling Up Mount Evans

$10 Fee At Popular Mount Evans Upheld By Court

A $10 fee to drive on the nation’s highest paved highway on a peak west of Denver has been upheld by a federal appeals court.


(credit: CBS)

Hiker Fell To Her Death On Mount Evans

Rescue crews said a woman fell while hiking Mount Evans on Saturday morning. She apparently died from her injuries.


Mt. Evans (credit: CBS)

Mt. Evans Road Only Open To Summit Lake

Snow in the mountains is hampering travel to the high country this Memorial Day weekend. The road to Mt. Evans is only open to Summit Lake.


(credit: University of Colorado)

CU Altitude Research Gets Lift With Steel Chamber

Jack Roach showed no signs of having just finished a tough climb and a tougher descent. The 11-year-old had just felt the effects of being at an altitude of more than 14,200 feet;


Jennifer Brice talks with students about lessons learned at Mount Evans Outdoor Lab. (credit: CBS)

Partial Funding Restored For Outdoor Lab Schools

The Jefferson County School Board approved $40 million in budget cuts for the 2011-2012 school but did keep some funding for the Outdoor Lab Program.