Marijuana Magazines

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Pot Magazine Limit Done For Good In Colorado

A Colorado attempt to treat marijuana magazines like pornography and put them behind the counter is done for good.


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Pot Magazine Limits Dropped In Colorado

A Colorado law to require marijuana magazines to be sold behind the counter like pornography is being abandoned before it takes effect.


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Pot Magazine Lawsuit Continues In Colorado

Colorado will have to answer a complaint about treating marijuana magazines like pornography, even though state officials have announced that the restriction is unconstitutional and won’t be enforced.


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Booksellers Challenge Colorado Pot Magazine Provision

Booksellers have joined marijuana magazine publishers in challenging a Colorado law requiring that pot magazines be treated like pornography and be kept behind the counter.


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Haggling Continues Over Marijuana Testing, Magazines

Time running is out for the new marijuana rules. Colorado senators scrambled Friday to advance a sweeping series of regulations and taxes on the newly legal drug.


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Pot Magazines Scrutinized In Colorado, May Be Treated Like Porn

Marijuana magazines are under scrutiny in Colorado, where lawmakers might require stores to put them behind the counter.