Lockout Lifted For Overland High, Regis Remains Under Secure PerimeterRegis Jesuit High School and Overland High Schools were placed on lockout Wednesday morning. The secure perimeter would remain in effect for Regis the rest of Wednesday but Overland's lockout was lifted.
Judge Sets Gypsum Shooting Suspect's Bail At $1 MillionThe man police say robbed a thrift shop and shot one man in Gypsum last week appeared before a judge on Thursday who set his bail at $1 million.
Gunman Arrested, Wanted In Gypsum Shooting, RobberyGarfield County Sheriff's deputies arrested a suspect wanted in connection with a shooting in Gypsum. Authorities had been searching for the suspect for nearly 12 hours.
1 Person Shot During Robbery, Gypsum Residents Urged To Stay HomeOne person was shot in the chest during a robbery in Gypsum on Friday afternoon. All schools in the town were placed on lock out while police searched for two suspects.
Lockout Lifted At Columbine, 'Threat Not Credible'Columbine High School and others in the area were put on lockout Thursday morning due to threats.
Remember The Avalanche? Do You Miss Them?We're nearly at 100 days of hockey-held-hostage. When the NHL returns, if it does return, the Avalanche should reward the fans. Just how should they do that? Watch the latest Vic's Signature.
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Broncos Lost Precious Time During NFL LockoutAfter the NFL Lockout ends, the "quality" of the football this season might not be where it should be, Vic Lombardi says in his latest Vic's Signature report.
NFL Lockout Not Excruciating For EveryoneFor some rookies who are hopeful for a shot at playing in the upcoming NFL season the lockout has been excruciating, however for some seasoned veterans it has been the opposite experience this offseason.
NBA Players Have An Advantage Over NFL "Listen, I'm no fan of a work stoppage such as the ones that are ongoing with the NFL and the NBA this year. But these NBA guys have something the NFL players do not," Vic Lombardi says in his latest Vic's Signature segment.