Columbine High School (credit: CBS)

Lockout Lifted At Columbine, ‘Threat Not Credible’

Columbine High School and others in the area were put on lockout Thursday morning due to threats.



Remember The Avalanche? Do You Miss Them?

We’re nearly at 100 days of hockey-held-hostage. When the NHL returns, if it does return, the Avalanche should reward the fans. Just how should they do that? Watch the latest Vic’s Signature.


(credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Five Changes To Make The NBA All-Star Game Better

By: Martin Sumners The NBA All-Star Game was introduced in 1951. Initially, the game was an almost quaint two-hour exhibition and although held in non-cosmopolitan cities such as Ft. Wayne, Indiana, it was often elegantly […]


(credit: Evan Gole/NBAE via Getty Images)

Top Five All-Star Dunk Contest Dunks Of All Time

By: Martin Sumners The ABA didn’t invent the dunk but it did introduce the high-flying dunk contest at the 1976 ABA All-Star Game at the fitting site of Denver known as the Mile High City. […]


(credit: Patrick McDermott/CBS Local)

NBA Lockout Distractions To Pass The Time

The NBA lockout has officially outlasted the NFL lockout, and the average sports fan’s patience has officially been tested. November 16th marks the first time NBA players will miss a pay day, with the average […]



Broncos Lost Precious Time During NFL Lockout

After the NFL Lockout ends, the “quality” of the football this season might not be where it should be, Vic Lombardi says in his latest Vic’s Signature report.


Brandon Lloyd in CBS4's newsroom on July 13, 2011. (credit: CBS)

NFL Lockout Not Excruciating For Everyone

For some rookies who are hopeful for a shot at playing in the upcoming NFL season the lockout has been excruciating, however for some seasoned veterans it has been the opposite experience this offseason.



NBA Players Have An Advantage Over NFL

“Listen, I’m no fan of a work stoppage such as the ones that are ongoing with the NFL and the NBA this year. But these NBA guys have something the NFL players do not,” Vic Lombardi says in his latest Vic’s Signature segment.



Wake Me Up When The Lockout Is Over

In his new Vic’s Signature report, Vic Lombardi says that when it comes to all this NFL “legalese” he’s “as helpless as Kyle Orton with no blocking.”


Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow (credit: CBS)

Lockout, Decertification Leave NFL In Limbo

All along, the NFL said it was certain the players’ union would decertify and head to court. All along, the union insisted the league’s owners were planning to lock out the players. And that’s exactly what happened.


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