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Lockheed Martin

An animation of a GPS III satellite (credit: CBS)

Next Generation Of GPS Will Come From Colorado’s Lockheed Martin

Hundreds of millions of people use GPS every day. The next generation of the navigational system will come from Lockheed Martin in Colorado.


GRAIL Spacecraft moon probes built at Lockheed Martin in Jefferson County are named "Ebb" and "Flow" (credit: CBS)

Moon Probes Get New Names

The twin gravity mapping moon probes built at Lockheed Martin in Jefferson County finally have names.


The Grail Project (credit: NASA)

NASA Spacecrafts Built In Colorado To Orbit Moon

This weekend a pair of NASA spacecrafts will begin orbiting the moon. Both were built in Colorado.



New Generation GPS Satellite Starts Tests In Colorado

A $5.5 billion upgrade to the Global Positioning System moved a step closer to launch this week when a prototype arrived at a Lockheed Martin complex in Colorado to begin months of tests.


Curiosity (credit: CBS)

Next Mission To Mars Has Colorado Connection

Friday morning the latest Mars rover blasted off from Cape Canaveral. It’s mission is to try and determine once and for all if there is life on Mars.


An image from the job expo (credit: CBS)

Denver Job Expo Caters To Only Veterans

Hundreds of thousands of veterans are among those looking for work. They came home from serving the country only to join the unemployment lines.



Lunar Orbiters Built In Colorado Launched Into Space

Two lunar orbiters that were built in Colorado were launched into space Saturday morning.


The Orion spacecraft built by Lockheed Martin in Jefferson County. (credit: CBS)

Orion Spacecraft Could Propel Future Space Travel Into Next Frontier

Lockheed Martin in Jefferson County has been busy designing a new spacecraft. They tested part of it on Friday.


Juno lifting off (credit: CBS)

Juno’s Journey To Jupiter Started In Colorado

It’s a journey to Jupiter that started in Colorado. The launch of the Juno spacecraft was picture perfect.



Lockheed Says 750 In Colorado Eligible For Layoffs

Lockheed Martin says 750 people in Colorado are eligible for a national voluntary layoff program for about 6,500 employees.