AP Investigation Details 8 Denver Airport Perimeter BreachesEight people have breached the perimeter at Denver International Airport in the last decade, most of them by climbing the fence surrounding the 53-square-mile property on the plains east of downtown, according to an Associated Press investigation.
DIA Flight Delays Subsiding After Morning SnowFlights are being delayed by an average of about an hour at Denver's airport because of snow.
DIA Sees Few Delays Amid Storm, Heavy TrafficPassengers at Denver International Airport experienced few flight delays and reasonable security lines on Monday.
Fog At DIA Causes Delays, DiversionsFog and wind caused delays at the Denver airport on Sunday, and 46 incoming flights were diverted to other cities on one of the busiest travel days of the year.
Ripple Effect From Cancellations Causes Luggage To Pile Up At DIAWith more than 3,000 flights delayed or canceled nationwide, the luggage at Denver International Airport has been piling.
Dozens Of Flights Cancelled At DIA Because Of East Coast StormMore than 2,400 flights have been cancelled nationwide with 40 of those departing and arriving at Denver International Airport because of the storm that's hitting the East Coast.
Power Surge Knocks Out Some Overhead Lights At DIAOperations are back to normal after a power surge briefly knocked out some lights in concourses at Denver International Airport and caused other lights to flicker.
High Winds Force Diversion Of 17 Denver FlightsHigh winds sweeping across Colorado's Front Range forced the diversion of 17 flights scheduled to land at the Denver International Airport.
Police Check, Clear Suspicious Package At DIAPolice and security officials have given the all-clear after checking a suspicious package at a ticketing counter at Denver International Airport.