Brandon Hardin and Jessica Baldwin (credit; Lakewood Police Department)

Lakewood Police Search For Cologne Thieves Considered ‘Desperate’ And ‘Dangerous’

Police in Lakewood are searching for two thieves they consider “desperate” and “dangerous” in a couple of attempted cologne robberies.


Surveillance image from the theft (credit: CBS)

Burglar Gets Away With Tarantulas, Reptiles From Lakewood Pet Store

Tarantulas, two Burmese pythons and a Nile monitor lizard are missing from a pet store in Lakewood after a burglary Tuesday night.


(credit: CBS)

2 Arrested In Connection With Murder Of Elderly Man In Lakewood

Investigators in Lakewood have arrested two men in connection with a homicide over the weekend.


(credit: CBS)

Police Investigating Suspicious Death In Lakewood

Police in Lakewood are investigating what they’re calling a suspicious death after they found a body inside a mobile home.


Roger Miguel McLamb, Susan Asha Johnson, Tracy Lynn Wilson (credit: Jefferson County District Attorney's Office)

Traffic Stop Leads To Child Prostitution Case Out Of Lakewood

Three people have been arrested for allegedly forcing a teenager into prostitution.


(credit; CBS)

Colorado Once Faced Same Problems As Arizona Over Perceived Anti-Gay Bill

The governor of Arizona announced that she vetoed a controversial bill that would have pitted religious rights against gay rights. Colorado faced boycotts when it waded into the gay rights issue in the early 1990s.


(credit: CBS)

Natural Gas Leak Causes Explosions At Lakewood Apartments

Several Lakewood residents are back inside their apartments after a series of explosions forced evacuations.


Daniel Onodera (credit: Jefferson County Sheriff's Office)

Accused Ringleader Of Child Prostitution Ring Appears In Court

A man accused of heading a child prostitution ring in Lakewood appeared in court Wednesday morning.


(credit: CBS)

Anti-Trafficking Group Aims To Help Silent Victims

The break up of a child prostitution ring out of Lakewood has an anti-trafficking group working to help victims of similar situations.


(credit: CBS)

6 Arrested In Child Prostitution Ring

Six people linked to a child prostitution ring are in custody after a two-year investigation that included the FBI, Police in Lakewood and the Jefferson County District Attorney.