Judge Asks Pointed Questions In Gay Marriage CaseA judge in Colorado who will play a pivotal role deciding whether gays should be allowed to wed in the United States asked pointed questions Thursday about whether Oklahoma can legally ban the unions.
Gay Marriage's Win Streak Tested In Denver Appeals CourtSharp questioning Thursday by a divided panel of appellate judges considering Utah's ban on gay marriages showed that, while same-sex marriage has had a remarkable winning streak lately, its legal status remains uncertain.
Colorado Telecom Overhaul In Doubt This YearRepublicans and Democrats joined forces this spring to try to undo a massive payout to telephone companies that goes back to the days when most people had landlines and few provider options.
3 Children Rescued From Ice In Colorado RiverThree children found on a piece of ice on the Colorado River have been rescued.
Telecom Battle Under Way With Proposed Colorado OverhaulColorado lawmakers want to drastically change a ratepayer subsidy for telephone providers that once supported underserved areas but that now, critics say, is being wasted on places with plenty of consumer options.
Bill To Upgrade State's Telecom Industry Has Bipartisan SupportA bill to upgrade the state's telecommunications industry appears to have lots support on both sides of the party line.