How Will Pot Clubs Work? Public Comment WantedThe public is commenting on a measure passed by voters in Denver last fall that would legalize pot clubs.
Buds Bring In More Than $1 Billion In ColoradoColorado dispensaries sold more than $1 billion worth of pot in 2016, according to the Colorado Department of Revenue. It includes both medical and recreational sales.
Denver Businesses Eager To Apply For Cannabis Consumption PermitsMany Denver businesses are waiting to apply for a cannabis consumption permit under Ordinance 300.
Colorado Regulators Deny Cannabis Consumption In Denver BarsState regulators delivered a blow to supporters of social marijuana use in the city of Denver.
'Yes On 300' Marijuana Supporters Declare Victory In DenverWith a more than 17,000 vote lead, proponents of Denver’s Initiative 300 are claiming victory.
Denver Voters Reject Mandatory Sick LeaveDenver voters have rejected a proposal to require businesses to provide paid sick leave.
Denver Ballot Vote Pits Businesses Against WorkersA Denver ballot initiative on requiring employers to offer paid sick leave has drawn a painful divide between small-business owners and their own employees.
Reality Check: Initiative 300With election day in Denver just a little more than two weeks away, more ads are hitting the airwaves. One of those is urging voters to oppose a paid sick day measure. CBS4's Political Specialist has a Reality Check.
'Sick Rick' Roams Downtown In Support Of Paid Sick DaysThe campaign for a healthy Denver has rolled out a giant germ to make its case for paid sick days.
Mayor Urges Voters To Vote No On 300 In New TV AdDenver's Mayor Michael Hancock has recorded a television ad against the Paid Sick Day Initiative.
Hickenlooper Gives Hints About Feelings On Proposition 103While political adversaries of Gov. John Hickenlooper are calling him out for not taking an official position on Proposition 103, the governor made it clear this week where his sympathies lie.
Opponents Step Up Efforts To Fight Sick Pay InitiativeBallots go out next week as Denver voters decide whether every worker gets paid sick days and opponents are stepping up their efforts to fight the initiative.