House Education Committee

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Colorado May Restrict Concealed Weapons On Campuses

Gun-rights activists and college students thronged the Capitol Wednesday to see lawmakers debate concealed weapons on campuses.


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Colorado Bill Promoting School Debates On Evolution Fails

Democrats rejected a Republican lawmaker’s idea Monday urging schools and colleges to create a friendly environment to discuss what he considers controversial science issues.


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Bill Urges Colorado School Debates On Creationism

A Colorado Republican lawmaker wants schools and colleges to create a friendly environment to discuss what he considers controversial science issues, a move that critics say would lead to debates about creationism and evolution.


Students eating at Manual High School (credit: CBS)

School Trans Fats Ban Closer To Approval In Colorado

A proposal to ban trans fats in Colorado school cafeterias and vending machines is closer the enactment.


Students rally outside the Capitol on for immgrant tuition on April 23, 2012  (credit: CBS)

Immigrant Tuition Bill Faces Colorado House Test

A bill that would allow illegal immigrants in Colorado to attend college at a discounted tuition rate is facing its first test in the state House.


Sen. Mike Johnston talks with CBS4's Shaun Boyd (credit: CBS)

Illegal Immigrant Tuition Bill Faces Crucial Vote

A plan giving illegal immigrants a break on university tuition in Colorado is about to face a crucial vote.


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Colorado Immigrant Tuition Bill Faces Crucial Vote

Illegal immigrant children seeking a more affordable path to a college degree will soon get an answer from Colorado lawmakers on a question that has divided them for years.


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Bill To Align Colleges, Labor Data Wins Approval

Colorado’s colleges would have to work with labor experts to find out where jobs are under a bill that received bipartisan backing in a state House committee Wednesday.


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Illegal Immigrant Tuition Up Again In Colorado

Illegal immigrants attending Colorado high schools are waiting to see whether the Legislature will pass a bill allowing them to attend state colleges at tuition rates lower than the out-of-state rates.


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Colorado House Committee Backs ‘No Child’ Repeal

Democrats and Republicans in Colorado seem to agree Congress should indeed repeal the education law and are near agreement on a resolution telling Congress the education law is “ineffective.”




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