Colorado GOP Battles Over 2 Congressional SeatsFour Republican candidates are duking it out over the chance to secure their party's nomination for a rare open congressional seat that covers much of the eastern third of Colorado.
Opinion: Black-on-Black Racism During The Presidential CampaignWhile it is reported that 94% or more of African-Americans support President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney in the upcoming national presidential election, the rarely-spoken question is: Are many African-Americans only voting for Obama because he’s black?
Of Endorsements and Flavors of the DecadeIf you doubt the entertainment value of the GOP race at this stage of the game, take a quick account of recent activity.
Cain’s Mess Showing the GOP Must Decide NowHerman Cain may not be ultimately crushed by the sexual harassment allegations, but they are proving to be a distraction that is feeding into the idea that Cain is simply, as former Virginia Rep. Tom Davis put it on Face the Nation, “the flavor of the week and his week is up.”
Perry’s Close to His Alamo MomentRick Perry’s animated comments did not score the actual points he wanted to make and exposed the point that the one time front runner is nearing the moment when he will face surrender or elimination. Perry’s Alamo moment is coming soon.
Former Colorado Senator Weighs In On The Debt CeilingWith the deadline rapidly approaching, the debt talks are the hot topic of discussion at the Western Conservative Summit Meeting in Denver.