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‘Specialty Drugs’ Designation Leaves Patients With Prescription Sticker Shock

Millions of Americans are suffering from sticker shock after refilling their prescriptions. Most major health insurers are quietly changing their prescription drug plans and forcing consumers to pay a larger percentage of the total drug cost instead of a set co-pay.


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Is It Safe To Delay Your Child’s Immunizations?

There’s not only the problem of skipping childhood vaccines—there’s also risk from delaying immunizations. Yet a new study shows most doctors are willing to “spread out” vaccinations in order to ease the fears of parents who worry that too many vaccines can harm a child. But as CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida reports, there’s no evidence to back up those fears.


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Dentist Who Reused Needles Faces First Criminal Case

A dentist who reused needles and put thousands of patients at risk of contracting deadly diseases has been arrested in Nevada.


Stephen Stein at the door of his Denver home on Nov. 8, 2012. (credit: CBS)

New Accusations Against Dentist Accused Of Re-Using Needles

There are new accusations against a dentist who has already been accused of reusing needles and putting thousands of patients at risk.


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More Stein Patients Test Positive For Hepatitis Or HIV

There are now six former patients of a dentist accused of reusing needles who have tested positive for either hepatitis or HIV.


Stephen Stein (credit: drstephenstein.com)

2 More Stein Patients Test Positive For Hepatits Or HIV

Two more patients of a dentist accused of reusing needles have tested positive for hepatitis or HIV.


Stephen Stein (credit: drstephenstein.com)

Dentist Whistleblower May Have Been Former Employee

A former employee may have launched the state investigation into Dr. Stephen Stein and a practice of re-using needles and syringes.


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Patient Blames Illness On Dentist Allegedly Using Dirty Needles

About 8,000 people have received letters from the state health department advising them to get tested for diseases including HIV and hepatitis after a dentist allegedly used dirty needles on patients.


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