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Members of the media listen and take notes from the courtroom live feed of proceedings in the theater shooting trial at the Arapahoe County Justice Center on April 27, 2015, in Centennial. (credit: Marc Piscotty/Getty Images)

Theater Gunman Says He’ll Be Remembered Only As A ‘Bad Guy’

Before he killed 12 people in a crowded Aurora movie theater, James Holmes hoped he would be remembered for his achievements in school.


(credit: CBS)

Gunman Says He Tried Calling Crisis Line Before Shootings, Then Went On ‘Autopilot’

James Holmes lingered outside a suburban Denver movie theater for a moment or two, thinking someone at a mental health hotline might talk him out of killing people he didn’t know.


Videotaped interviews with James Holmes played in court (credit: CBS)

Theater Gunman Says He Wishes Psychiatrist Had Locked Him Up

Colorado theater gunman James Holmes has said he wishes a psychiatrist who treated him before the shootings had locked him up so the attack wouldn’t have happened.


James Holmes with this defense team in court (credit: CBS)

Theater Gunman Says He Knew Shooting Was ‘Legally Wrong’

James Holmes knew his mission to shoot as many people as possible in a crowded Colorado movie theater was legally wrong, according to a videotaped conversation between Holmes and a psychiatrist that prosecutors are playing in court.


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Theater Gunman Tells Psychiatrist Killings Got Him ‘Value Units’

James Holmes believes he gained a specific amount of self-worth for each of the 12 people he killed in a Colorado movie theater, but he regrets that one of the victims was a child.


Rep. Mike Coffman delivers his acceptance speech on Nov. 4, 2014. (credit: CBS)

Rep. Mike Coffman Declines US Senate Run Against Michael Bennet

Republican Rep. Mike Coffman is not going to challenge incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet in next year’s election.


Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz and District Attorney George Brauchler (credit: CBS)

DA On Aurora Triple Shooting: ‘Statutorily Codified Self-Defense’

An investigation is underway after a shooting killed one person and injured two others, and the man who fired the gunshots won’t face charges.


Three people were shot during an attempted robbery in Aurora (credit: CBS)

Triple Shooting In Aurora Leaves 1 Dead, 1 Critical

Police in Aurora investigated a triple shooting that left one person dead, one critical and another with gunshot wounds.


James Holmes with this defense team in court (credit: CBS)

Psychiatrist Says James Holmes Knew Consequences

Prosecutors are methodically building a case that James Holmes knew right from wrong when he planned and carried out the deadly Colorado theater shooting, hoping to convince jurors that he should be convicted and executed and not sent to a mental hospital.


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James Holmes Describes ‘Lifelong Hatred Of Mankind’ In Notebook

The jury in the Aurora theater shooting trial heard excerpts Tuesday from a notebook in which defendant James Holmes detailed plans for the shooting and described his “obsession to kill” since childhood.




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