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Dr. Dave Hnida

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The Best Medicine For Lowering Cholesterol: Food

If you’re trying to lower your cholesterol, it may not be so much what you don’t eat that’s most important. Dr Dave Hnida reports on a new study that shows a big drop in blood fats with some small additions to your diet.


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Don’t Poison Your Kid At School

Here’s a surefire way to give your child a stomach ache: pack a lunch for school. A new study shows 98% of lunches brought from home are beginning to spoil by lunchtime. CBS4 Medical Editor Dr Dave Hnida has some tips on saving your kids… from you.


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Are You A Mosquito Magnet?

It’s mosquito time in Colorado, and besides worries over things like West Nile virus, it’s just plain painful to be on the recieving end of the mouth of a mosquito. Dr. Dave Hnida reports on what turns mosquitoes on, and what will make them fly from you to a more attractive target.


Dr. Dave Hnida (credit: Dr. Dave Hnida)

The July Effect Is Alive And Well- But You’re Not

Is the hospital truly a dangerous place to be during the month of July? Dr Dave Hnida looks at a new study, which for the first time, looks at death rates when new interns and residents take the wheel of the medical car.


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Hope You Enjoyed The Sun (Burn)

Have fun in the sun this weekend? Go overboard and get too much sun in your fun this weekend? Hope you remembered the sunscreen. If you didnt, Dr Dave Hnida has some tips to help the deep-fried.


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Women Who Toss and Turn At Night… Cause Lots Of Marital Strife

Who is grouchier after a poor night’s sleep– a woman or a man? As Dr Dave Hnida reports, a new study says– men, take cover!


Michael Smith of Westminster took this photo of the sunset on June 6.  It took on a reddish hue due to smoke from wildfires in the southwest.

Hold Your Breath

Eyes feeling irritated? Throat scratchy? Lungs tight? It may be the haze that’s blanketing the Front Range. CBS4 Medical Editor Dr Dave Hnida has some tips to beat the smoke.


(credit: CBS)

Why Living High Is Good

A new study shows why a “Rocky Mountain High” may be help you live longer. Dr. Dave Hnida explains how living in our “thin air” may add years to your life.


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Not Enough Exercise… Not Enough Sex?

Can running down the street increase your risk of a heart attack? How about having sex? Dr Dave Hnida looks at a new study that looks at intense activity and your heart.


Pizza at Mangia Bevi Café (credit: CBS)

Why Pizza Is Good For Your Heart… And Soul

Are you the “owner of a lonely heart?” Dr Dave Hnida reports on new research that shows the best prescription may be a comfort food like ice cream, mac and cheese. or even pizza.





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