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Dr. Dave Hnida

Dr. Dave Hnida (credit: CBS)

Dr. Dave Weighs In On Increase In Whooping Cough Cases

Health officials claim the U.S. is on track for its worst year for Whooping Cough in more than 50 years. There’s also an increase in Colorado.


CT Scan

CT Scans, Kids, And Cancer– Don’t Fret

A new study says CAT scanning a kid’s head may not alway be a good thing- especially since all of that radiation may triple a child’s risk of cancer. But does that mean you have to be afraid of a scan? Dr Dave Hnida says no. You just need to know the facts, and the questions to ask.


(credit: CBS)

Shovel Snow The Right Way

Too many people grab their shovels and scoop up the snow as quickly as they can in an effort to clear their sidewalks and driveways of snow before it starts to stick.


Cantaloupe (credit: CBS)

Listeria Outbreak Expected To Get Worse, Lawsuits Mount

It’s only going to get worse. That’s the word from federal health officials on the listeria outbreak. They say more illnesses and maybe deaths could happen in the coming weeks.


(credit: CBS)

A Little Ibuprofen Can Equal Big Problems

Some medications and pregnancy simply don’t mix. CBS4 Medical Editor Dr Dave Hnida reports on a new study in the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association that raises new red flags about some common over-the-counter drugs.


Diet May Play Main Role In Keeping Sniffles At Bay

Ever wonder why some people never get sick, and others pick up every bug going around? A new study suggests diet may play a main role in keeping the sniffles at bay.


(credit: CBS)

The Best Medicine For Lowering Cholesterol: Food

If you’re trying to lower your cholesterol, it may not be so much what you don’t eat that’s most important. Dr Dave Hnida reports on a new study that shows a big drop in blood fats with some small additions to your diet.


(credit: AP)

Don’t Poison Your Kid At School

Here’s a surefire way to give your child a stomach ache: pack a lunch for school. A new study shows 98% of lunches brought from home are beginning to spoil by lunchtime. CBS4 Medical Editor Dr Dave Hnida has some tips on saving your kids… from you.


(credit: AP)

Are You A Mosquito Magnet?

It’s mosquito time in Colorado, and besides worries over things like West Nile virus, it’s just plain painful to be on the recieving end of the mouth of a mosquito. Dr. Dave Hnida reports on what turns mosquitoes on, and what will make them fly from you to a more attractive target.


Dr. Dave Hnida (credit: Dr. Dave Hnida)

The July Effect Is Alive And Well- But You’re Not

Is the hospital truly a dangerous place to be during the month of July? Dr Dave Hnida looks at a new study, which for the first time, looks at death rates when new interns and residents take the wheel of the medical car.





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