'13 Reasons Why' Season 2 Comes With Warning From NetflixIn addition to the warning from Netflix, some school officials in Colorado have warned parents about the graphic nature of the show.
Douglas County Schools Security Team Gets 10 New Semi-Automatic Long RiflesThe Douglas County School District's safety and security team has acquired 10 semi-automatic long rifles for its officers.
Colorado's High Court Blocks School Voucher ProgramThe Colorado Supreme Court ruled that a school voucher program in suburban Denver violates the state constitution because it provides funding for students to attend religious schools.
Thousands More Students Skip Mandatory Colorado ExamThousands of Colorado High School Students continued to skip mandatory state tests on Friday to protest what many say is an unnecessary and burdensome exam.
Dozens Of Students Sick At Trailblazer Elementary In Highlands RanchMore than 30 students attending Trailblazer Elementary in Highlands Ranch have become ill in the past two days. School officials are investigating a possible norovirus outbreak.
2 Taken To Hospital After SUV-School Bus CrashTwo people were taken to the hospital Thursday morning in a crash involving a school bus in Douglas County.
Topic Of Statewide Problem Of Suicide Takes Center Stage At CapitolTalk to your teenager -- that's the message from Douglas County Schools on Wednesday after four teenagers have committed suicide in the last 11 days. Now it's got Lawmakers talking about ways to prevent suicides.
How Cold Is Too Cold For School?Every school district has a different policy about how cold is too cold for school. Thursday some districts decided it was too cold for such an early start so they delayed start times.
School Voucher Battle Far From OverThe permanent injunction that a Denver District court judge handed down last Friday, halting the school voucher program in Douglas County Schools, was simply just another enticing chapter in the school voucher fight in Colorado. If anyone thinks this decision has ended the conversation, they haven’t been paying attention.
Douglas County Teachers, Parents Debate Voucher ProgramHundreds of parents and teachers turned out to debate a plan to bring vouchers to Douglas County Schools on Tuesday.
Douglas County Schools Vote To Move Forward With VouchersParents packed a school board meeting to weigh in on the plan to use vouchers in Douglas County Schools on Tuesday night.
5 Middle School Students Caught With MarijuanaFive middle school students in Parker are being suspended from school after getting caught with marijuana.