Emergency Response Drill Tests Communication, Response TimesIt looked like a real disaster but it was only a drill. Emergency response crews worked together during a full-scale emergency exercise at the Eagle County Regional Airport on Wednesday.
Hospital Workers Prepare For Radiation, Burn PatientsThe University of Colorado Hospital prepared for the worst on Wednesday. The hospital in Aurora put their training to the test during a disaster drill.
Police Officers, Fire Crews And Paramedics Conduct Disaster Drill At DIAEmergency training was held Wednesday at Denver International Airport.
Smoke Coming From DIA For Disaster TrainingSmoke was seen coming from Denver International Airport on Wednesday but it was all for disaster training.
Emergency Responders Hold Disaster Drill At DIAPeople in the Denver metro area saw more ambulances, police cruisers and fire engines on Wednesday as a large-scale disaster drill was held at the Denver International Airport.
Full-Scale Disaster Drill Uses DIA As Evacuation SiteMore than 200 patients were taken to nearly a dozen hospitals in the Denver metro area on Wednesday, all in an effort for emergency responders to be prepared for a disaster.
Denver Agencies Holding Major Disaster DrillDenver-area emergency crews practicing for a mass disaster say the exercise is going well.