Entire Sales Staff At Westminster Company Given Final PaycheckThe company behind a well-known infomercial is making dramatic changes following a CBS4 Consumer Investigation. The Dalbey Education Institute in Westminster has let go all of its sales staff.
Be Wary Of Tempting Free Gas OffersGas prices are high and who knows when they'll drop. That's why drivers have got to be careful, especially now, with tempting offers promising to help save at the pump.
Insider Describes Alleged Fraudulent Practices By Westminster CompanySeveral former employees of a local company that runs infomercials on TV are speaking out to CBS4 about what they say are fraudulent practices by the company.
Westminster Company Targeted By Federal GovernmentA Westminster company is being targeted by the federal government and the Colorado Attorney General's Office.
Scam Artists Come Out After Storm Damage Is DoneWhen your property is damaged because of a storm, the reaction is to get it fixed fast. But despite the urgency – slow down. Don’t give into the high pressure tactics, and read very carefully everything you’re asked to sign.
Mortgage Modification Comes With Credit ConsequencesHundreds of thousands of Americans are struggling to stay in their homes. Many of them are seeking mortgage modifications, but negotiating a lower monthly payment on your house could make some of your other bills go up.
CBS4 Puts Moving Companies Under The MicroscopeMoving is a chore that most people dread, but a few precautions can keep you from having a bad experience.
Potholes: A Hidden Danger For Colorado DriversOur recent rain has really helped the potholes pop up all over the streets. Pothole repair snarled traffic across the Denver metro area on Thursday.
Tonight At 10: Home Property ValuesDo you fight it or let it go? That's a question many home and condo owners are asking after just getting their property tax appraisals in the mail.
Mortgage 'Trauma' Center Saving People From Housing DisastersBefore buying a home, many people want to make sure their finances are in order, so they ask their lender for pre-approval. Sometimes that pre-approval does not turn into a closed loan, leaving the home buyer in a lurch.
Roofing Regulation May Help Consumer ConcernsLawmakers are considering a bill that would require regulation of roofing companies in Colorado. Meanwhile a roofing customer that nearly lost thousands of dollars when her roofing company went out of business is now getting help from Consumer Investigator Jodi Brooks.
Serious Mistake By Pharmacy Caught By Springs MotherEven with all the technology surrounding medicine and prescriptions, sometimes the wrong medication gets in patients' bottles.