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Colorado Health Insurance Tally Tops 250,000

More than a quarter-million Coloradans got health insurance in time to comply with the new health law.



Colorado Joins Health Insurance Sprint

Some were excited to get health insurance, and others just wanted to avoid federal fines as Colorado joined the national sprint on the final day to meet the new health insurance mandate.


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Democrats Reject Bill To Reimburse Insurance Fines

Democrats made quick work Wednesday of a Republican plan to reimburse residents fined next year for not buying health insurance, rejecting the proposal 7-4.



Colorado Exchange Says It Will Be Self-Sustaining

Colorado’s state-run insurance exchange says it’s on track to be self-sustaining by next year, telling lawmakers that enrollment is perking up and that taxes on premiums should be lower than in states using the federal exchange.



Colorado Mirrors Nation In Health Signups

Nearly a third of the Coloradans signing up for health insurance under President Barack Obama’s law are 55 or older.


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Enrollment In Exchange, Medicaid Tops 138,000

Officials say enrollment in Colorado’s health insurance exchange and expanded Medicaid programs topped 138,000 people between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31.



Health Insurance Deadline Looms In Colorado

Just one more shopping day left, Colorado. Not for Christmas. For health insurance.



Colorado Insurance Signups Lag Some Other States

Colorado’s signups for private health insurance remain well below worst-case projections, federal data released Wednesday confirm.


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Colorado Health Officials Worry About January Coverage Gaps

Members of Colorado’s health exchange board are concerned people will face a January gap in coverage if they don’t find out in time whether they’re eligible for Medicaid or other subsidies before their policies expire.


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Colorado Health Exchange CEO Drops Raise Request

The head of Colorado’s state health care exchange is backing off her request for a year-end raise and bonus.