Session Ending: Big Ticket Issues Fall Apart, But Grocery Beer Bill Still AliveCompromises on many big issues are falling apart as the legislature heads into its final hours, and the decisions will soon fall on the voters in November.
Presidential Primary Revival Falls Apart In ColoradoBipartisan efforts to revive presidential primaries in Colorado have failed -- for now.
Presidential Primary Proposal Clears 1st Colorado HurdleA plan to return Colorado to a presidential preference primary has cleared its first hurdle at the state Legislature.
Lawmakers To Introduce Plan To Bring Back Colorado's Presidential PrimaryLawmakers have come up with a plan to bring back Colorado's presidential primary and will outline a bill on Thursday at the state Capitol to fix voters' frustrations.
Gov. Hickenlooper Wants Presidential Primary Back, No Gitmo DetaineesGov. John Hickenlooper is among a growing chorus of people calling for Colorado to bring back its presidential primary.
Both Parties Agree 'Something Has To Be Done' After Caucus ProblemsColorado may resurrect its presidential primary after frustration at caucuses on Super Tuesday reached a boiling point.