Colorado Democrats

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Colorado Democrats Push For Big Election Changes

Colorado Democrats are planning sweeping changes to how elections are run in the state. Democrats want to allow same-day voter registration and to require that every registered voter gets a ballot by mail.


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Divisive Colorado Labor Measure Advances

A labor question that threatens to fracture Colorado Democrats moved closer to a possible collision Monday, when a Democratic House committee voted to move ahead with a measure to expand labor rights for firefighters.


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Erie Company In The Middle Of Colorado’s Gun Control Debate

Unnoticed amid dozens of tract homes in the Denver suburbs, a nondescript industrial building is suddenly in the middle of the gun control debate in Colorado.


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VP Biden Lobbies As Colorado Approves Gun-Control Measures

Colorado Democrats advanced ammunition limits, expanded background checks, and other gun measures during a debate that drew the attention of Vice President Joe Biden, who called four lawmakers.


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Civil Unions Gets Initial Nod In Colorado Senate

Civil unions for gay couples moved forward in the Colorado Senate Friday, legislation that is all but certain to become law as some Republicans raise concern about religious freedoms.


Colorado Democrats announce their gun control plans on Tuesday morning in a news conference. (credit: CBS)

Colorado Democrats Propose Gun Limits, No Assault Ban

Colorado Democrats have proposed a slate of gun-control measures — but they won’t be suggesting a full ban on assault weapons.


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Civil Unions Get Initial OK In Colorado

A proposal granting gay couples rights similar to married couples got initial approval from Colorado Democratic senators Wednesday after hours of testimony that was at times emotional.


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Democrats Flex Labor Muscles In Colorado Legislature

A labor question that could test Democratic solidarity in the Colorado Legislature has gone in favor of the unions – for now.


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Colorado Civil Unions Almost Reality, Bigger Fight Looms

Colorado Democrats will move civil unions for gay couples closer to a reality in the coming weeks, but there’s a bigger battle looming over marriage for same-sex couples.


Rep. Mark Ferrandino (credit: CBS)

Colorado Democratic Lawmakers Pick First Gay House Speaker

Colorado Democrats have elected the first openly gay House speaker in state history.





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