Cherry Creek Mall

Police in Denver investigated a report of some bones found along Cherry Creek east of the Cherry Creek Mall on Saturday. (credit: CBS)

Denver Police Investigate Bones Found Near Cherry Creek

Police in Denver are investigating a report that some bones had been found along Cherry Creek.


Signing Santa visited the Cherry Creek Mall on Wednesday. (credit: CBS)

Signing Santa Is All Ears For Children With Hearing Challenges

Signing Santa gave some children with special needs a chance to relay their gift list in their own unique way at the Cherry Creek Mall.


A parking sign at the Safeway (credit: CBS)

Woman Irate After Car Gets Towed From Grocery Lot

Holiday shoppers beware. When shopping at the Cherry Creek Mall, make sure to actually park at the mall.


Brandon Smith (credit: Denver DA)

Man Sentenced To 25 Years For Violent iPad Theft

A man who pleaded guilty to stealing a newly purchased iPad from a man in the Cherry Creek Mall last year will spend 25 years in prison.


Outside the Apple Store in the Cherry Creek Mall (credit: CBS ... Jobs tribute photo credit EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

Flowers Left At Apple Store After Death Of Steve Jobs

After the death of Steve Jobs on Wednesday Apple customers in Colorado reacted with sadness.


Brandon Smith (credit: Denver DA)

Man Pleads Guilty To iPad Theft

The man accused of stealing a newly purchased iPad from a man in the Cherry Creek Mall last year, pleaded guilty on Friday.


Police in Denver are looking for this man caught on surveillance believed to have stolen from mailboxes. (credit: CBS)

Residents React After Learning About Mail Theft Case

Police in Denver are looking for a man who broke into an apartment complex and raided the mailboxes. The victims have questions for the apartment building’s owner.


Dennis Forst talks with CBS4's Valerie Castro (credit: CBS)

Cab Driver Talks About Giving Ride To Murder Suspect

The cab driver who gave a ride to the suspect in a day-long crime spree last month says he didn’t find anything suspicious in the man’s behavior during their interaction.


William Lornes (credit: Denver Police Department)

Man Charged In Kidnapping, Car Theft In Denver

A man accused of forcing a woman at a shopping mall into the trunk of her car and driving away with her has been charged with second-degree kidnapping and other crimes.


William Lornes in the video (credit: CBS)

Suspect Accused In Deadly Crime Spree Stopped At B&B

Smart or just lucky — that’s what you might call the operator of a bed an breakfast where a man accused in a deadly crime spree went knocking.