Fish Market Buys 70-Pound Octopus Just To Set It FreeA massive 70-pound octopus is counting its blessings after a California fish market decided to let the creature return to the ocean.
Police: Rookie K-9 Finds 60 Pounds Of Meth In First Drug BustA rookie K-9 officer in California has already made a big impression on his new department after finding nearly 60 pounds of meth in a suspect's car.
DA: 10 Kids Were Strangled, Shot With Crossbow, WaterboardedStories about the alleged abuse came out gradually in interviews with the children over the past six weeks.
Police: Dad Poses As Teen Daughter, Catches Alleged Child PredatorTodd Thomas discovered that his 14-year-old child was secretly sexting with 42-year-old Hugo Rabson.
Police Used Free Genealogy Database To Track Golden State Killer SuspectWhen investigators entered the crime-scene DNA profile, more than 100 users matched as a distant relative.
Wheat Ridge High School Students Make Waves At International CompetitionA group of students from Wheat Ridge High School just made waves in an international competition in California.
Police: Woman Who Drove SUV With Family Off Cliff Was DrunkA woman was drunk when she drove her large family off a Northern California cliff last month and her wife and several children had large amounts of a drug in their systems that can cause drowsiness, authorities said Friday.
YouTube HQ Shooting: Female Suspect Dead, Multiple People InjuredMultiple people have been injured in an active shooting situation at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno Tuesday afternoon.
Driver Stopped SUV Before Speeding Straight Off Cliff With Family Inside, Investigators SayAfter reviewing data from the SUV's software system, investigators say they believe "a felony has been committed."
Judge Rules That Coffee Requires Cancer WarningCoffee sellers will have to post ominous warnings in California because each cup contains a chemical linked to cancer, a judge ruled.
Boy Told Neighbor He Was Being 'Starved To Death' Before SUV Plunged Off CliffA special accident investigation team is using drones to figure out how the Hart family vehicle plunged off a 100-foot ocean overlook.
Family Of 8 Presumed Dead After Van Plunges Off California CliffThe Mendocino County sheriff said there were no skid or brake marks but there is no reason to believe the crash was a deliberate act.