Brian Maass

CBS4's Brian Maass, left, interviews Charles Tedesco (credit: CBS)

Candidate Blames ‘Exhaustion’ For Lies About Criminal Past

A candidate for Adams County Commissioner who admitted he lied about his criminal past and tried to mislead an interviewer now blames his deceptive answers on “exhaustion.”


CBS4's Brian Maass talks with Tom Wright (credit: CBS)

Colorado Company Says ‘Deadbeat Democrats’ Still Owe Thousands For Work At DNC

A major Denver event planning company says the Alabama Democratic delegation still owes it about $60,000 for work performed in September at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.


Ari Liggett (Arapahoe Co. Sheriff)

Suspect In Mother’s Dismemberment Cleared Of Involvement In Ridgeway Case

CBS4 has learned that for two days this week, police investigators working on the Jessica Ridgeway murder case thought they might have their man. They were heavily focused on Ari Misha Liggett as the likely suspect.


(credit: CBS)

Arbitrator Rules Against Denver Officers On Raises, Contract Length

CBS4 has learned that an independent arbitrator has ruled against the Denver police union and in favor of the City of Denver over the length of a new police contract and pay raises for officers.


The clay depiction of Jane Doe created several years ago (credit: CBS)

Police Hope To Solve Cold Case Murder After Exhuming Body

Investigators in Douglas County are now examining a woman’s body that was buried nearly 20 years ago, but was pulled from the ground on Friday.


The clay depiction of Jane Doe created several years ago (credit: CBS)

Douglas County To Exhume Cold Case Body

For nearly 20 years she has been known as “Jane Doe;” a teenager found dead at a Douglas County campground. With no identification found at the scene, no certain cause of death and no leads, she was buried in Castle Rock with her identity unknown.


(credit: CBS)

Colorado Vets See Spike In Cases Of ‘Stoner Dogs’

The popularity of medical marijuana in Colorado has had an unintended side effect — dogs getting stoned, sometimes with deadly results.


Jerry Garcia (credit: CBS)

Jeffco Judge Rejects Mercy Pleas for Dying Inmate

A Jefferson County judge has harshly slapped down requests for mercy from a terminally ill inmate and his family who requested he be allowed to return home to die.


A Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division SUV (credit: CBS)

Medical Marijuana Division Has More Vehicles Than Workers

The best-laid plans of Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division have backfired, leading to what one lawmaker is calling gross government excess.


Pat Sullivan outside the courtroom in March 2012 (credit: CBS)

Pat Sullivan Waives Right To Preliminary Hearing

Former Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan waived his right to a preliminary hearing on Monday. CBS4 Investigator Brian Maass has reported that lawyers for Sullivan and prosecutors are discussing possible plea bargain scenarios.





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